Beaverkill River - Roscoe, NY

This is an Article I wrote a long time ago. This was a short information piece on the Beaverkill. It has appeared on tourism web sites, visitors guides etc. over the last 2 decades. Some of the information is now outdated, most specifically the change to open all year Trout Fishing in NY State and creel limits.

Beaverkill River

The Beaverkill River has been one of America’s favorite Trout Streams since the early 19th. Century. The River and the Roscoe area were one of the first resort destinations in the United States.

The number of Famous Fishermen connected with the region are numerous, and include Theodore Gordon, Rube Cross, AE Hendrickson, Joan and Lee Wulff, Harry and Elsie Darbee, Walt and Winnie Dette, and others.

The Beaverkill river rises from springs deep in the Catskill Mountains in the Western Part of Ulster County, NY. From here the river flows in a westerly direction for 44 miles before entering the East Branch of the Delaware in the town of East Branch, NY. The Beaverkill River is a freestone river that is comprised of a beautiful mix of Riffles, Runs, Pocket Water and Pools. Mother Nature seems to have created the famous named pools just outside of town with the Dry Fly Fisherman in mind!

The pristine waters of the Beaverkill are home to a vast array of insects. Throughout the fishing season anglers are treated to profuse hatches of Mayflies, Caddisflies and Stoneflies. The sheer abundance of insects is overwhelming at times and newcomers are sometimes awestruck as they stand in the midst of a snowstorm like flight of Caddisflies. This abundance of insects however is the reason that Fly Fishermen have held this river in such high esteem for 2 centuries.

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