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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

BIG BUG ACTIVITY Just a quick report today. The Big bugs continue to emerge on all Upper Delaware waters. Yesterday Green Drakes, March Browns, Isonychia and Sulfurs were emerging from local waters. There was also the beginnings of March Brown spinner activity. With the very hot weather recently the best action has been right at dark. If this weather continues it may be a year where the heavy concentrations of large insects come in the darkness. We have some possibility of rainfall in the forecast which may change the timing a bit. We will keep you posted as to how it plays out. Nymphing is red hot. Right now the pockets and riffle water is full of fish and the action is steady. Now is the t

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Big Bugs and Great River Levels Currently all Upper Delaware Rivers are now at optimum flow rates for angler access. At the Current flows anglers will find safe wading just about everywhere, Currently water temperatures are in a good place. Anglers should however be aware on days where we have really hot temps. like yesterday. On these days the lower reaches of our freestones may get too warm for the trout to be active. We are expecting cooler days for the rest of the week and there is some rainfall in the forecast for Friday. At this time of year some regular rainfall is a welcome occurrence. We are heading into the time of late spring where insect diversity is high. The first week of June

River Report 5/29/18

Memorial weekend proved to be a great time for anglers. A lot of fish were caught and reports of lots of bugs reported throughout the system. We are seeing march browns and sulfers on the Delaware, Beaver Kill and Willow. The water is reaching prime temps for diverse and different hatches. In between the march browns and sulfer, we are seeing a lot of olives and strong caddis hatches throughout the day. Hendos are still being spotted in some of the upper parts of the East and West branch. Nymph fishing is a great option with the rivers getting lower. Our guides are have a lot of success on our Ice Caddis Pupas, pheasant tails, copper johns and our march brown nymph. Levels on the main stem g


God bless all the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this great country! Tight lines! -Baxter House Outfitters

Fishing Report for Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Fishing is expected to be great this weekend. With the water flows dropping still, the water temps should reach ideal levels in various places around the system. The East is flowing at 556, wade fishing should be exceptional. March browns are appearing more and more throughout the upper and middle sections of the river. With the West branch flowing at 1230, the river is more wade-able than the past few days. Expect to see March Browns, caddis, olives and spinners by the billions. We have been receiving great reports from the Williowemoc and Beaver kill. The beaver kill is finally reaching good fishing levels and temps with the flow at 690 in cooks falls. We still have a couple openings for d

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Holiday Weekend Outlook This weekend is forecast to bring us some real nice weather. We are forecast for sunny skies and warm air temperatures through the weekend. There is a chance of some passing thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday but currently they are forecast at a 30% chance. This could also be seen as a 70% chance of continued good weather. Anglers planning on fishing this weekend will be hitting it right with the hatches. The insect activity is great and there are a lot of species. Right now you can run into Hendricksons, Blue Quills, March Browns , Sulfurs, Assorted Caddisflies and various sized spinners. Every section of river is offering a slightly different menu. Over the last 2

Weekend Outlook 5/24/18

The weekend outlook looks promising with the rivers taking a drop from the rain this past week. Fishing should be excellent this weekend. Bug are hatching and spinners are falling. Still seeing hendos in some parts of the system along with march browns, olives and epic caddis hatches. The East Branch is more wader friendly as of today. The west should have some decent access in the upper sections. Water clarity has improved over night as well. Nymphing should be a very viable option in the next days. Our guides have been having success with ice caddis pupas, copper johns, pheasant tails and pheasant tails which we carry in the shop. Dry fly selection has been vast in the last couple days. He

Fishing Report 5/23/18

Fishing for the the upcoming holiday weekend looks good. With the rivers dropping this morning the water should be wadeable by Thursday/Friday. Fishing has been good this week even with the rain and high water. Bug activity is in transition to March Browns. They have been spotted in various areas throughout the system. The East continues to produce good fishing.We have had a good mix of streamer and dry fly fishing. Today with the flows at around 1000 at Harvard, wade access may be difficult but should decrease in the next coming days. The West continues to flow at around 2000 at Hale Eddy, the upper portions of the river may be more accessible by foot but can still may be difficult for wadi

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

The fishing around the system is very good. The unpredictable rainy weather and cool nights are exactly what trout and insects love. In most of our rivers insect hatches are heavy and the water temperature is right for trout to be active and aggressive. Now is the time to be out on the water! Currently all of our upper Delaware rivers are running bank full. The conditions range from very high on the Main Delaware to wadable but on the high side for everywhere else. The best bet for wade anglers remains to be the West Branch. This river has not changed very much from the recent rains. The next best bet is the Willowemoc which has good access. The other areas should be waded with caution and

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Guide Calabrese's client with a beauty on the east branch. Even with the high water from the few rain storms we had, our clients have had great days filled with catching a lot of big fish. Yesterday proved to be one of the better days on the system. All of our guides had clients in the double digits with fish in the boat. Dr. Bob with a spinner eater on the east. Also a beauty. The East and West are fishing good, with good hendrickson's hatches at the top. There was a spinner fall from about noon to night fall yesterday and the fish were on them. There are sightings of good March Browns with reports of fish eating them. The Beaver Kill and Willow are a little high and muddy from the rain on

Fly Fishing Report for the upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

If you are heading up to the area to fish this weekend don't forget to stop by the Roscoe Beer Company in the afternoon. Baxter House and the Beer Co. are Hosting TFO / Temple Fork Outfitters for a DEMO DAY. You can stop by and try out Trout Town Beer and all of the great TFO rods, reels and gear. We will also have members of our guide staff on hand to answer questions and give casting instruction. The event starts at noon and run throughout the afternoon. WEEKEND OUTLOOK The photos above are from Guide Matt's trip yesterday with Joe Cusato As we head into the weekend the fishing conditions are about as good as it gets as far at water temperature and the Trout being active and aggressiv

Fishing Report 5/17/2018

Fishing continues to be excellent on most parts of the system. There was a slight increase of water flow the last 48 hours due to the storm but it appears to be dropping again and clearing up. Both wade fishing and boat fishing are viable options depending on where you go. Yesterday our guides saw a very significant spinner fall throughout the day. There were also olives, caddis and hendricksons. The beaver kill and willow did get some water in it but it is dropping and should hopefully be in good wading condition within the next couple days. The west branch and east branch were not as impacted by the storm. Waters are wadable and fish are active on both systems. Our guides and clients have

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Weird Weather Hits the Region Yesterday some quick but violent storms moved through our region. The high winds and heavy rainfall did not hit every area but our rivers are on the rise. The Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Lower East Branch and Main Stem are high and off color from runoff. The river sections mentioned are basically the main artery for the drainage of the truibutary rich Beamoc system. It looks like the heaviest rainfall occurred in this area and the effect were instant. All of these rivers have already crested and are starting to fall slowly. The turbidity should settle out during today. As long as there is no additional rainfall there should be wadable sections in the Beaverkill and

Fishing Report 5/15/2018

Fishing around the whole system continues to be consistent. Dry fly action has been exceptionally good with fish eating on top. All of our clients have been getting BIG fish with our guides. The Hendrickson hatch continues to come off strong along with olives and caddis. There have been a few sightings of March Browns which is a good sign that the hatches should be seamless. The water flows are dropping slowly which is creating more access for wade anglers. Nymph fishing has been doing very good on the east branch with the flows below 500. The Beaver Kill and Willow are dropping slowly which is making the systems ideal for wade fishing. The water clarity is ideal on all the systems, the rece

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Great Action around the System! BAXTER HOUSE NEWS! This coming Saturday May 19 Baxter House along with the Roscoe Beer Company are hosting TFO DAY at the Beer Company. Come spend an afternoon sampling Trout Town Beer and Casting! This event will start at noon. Our TFO rep will be set up with the full line of TFO rods and reels for you to cast and get in your hands. Come Check out the New Axiom II and the New Drift Nymph Rod! THE REPORT Over the last few days our guests have been hitting it hard on the Dry Fly. Right now the Upper Delaware is giving up what it is known for, Match the Hatch Dry Fly Fishing! Over the last few days all of our trips have been able to fish just the dry fly. The a

Saturday Report 5/12/18

All of our guides had an excellent day yesterday. The hatches have been excellent and the fish are eating well. Hendo hatches were coming off very well in the afternoon. Fishing is currently excellent! Take a gander at these fish.

Weekend Outlook

This weekend should provide anglers with great fishing. The insect activity still continues to improve daily. We have been catching fish with Hendricksons, quills, olives and caddis and great spinner falls in the late afternoon/evening. We are expected to have some rain tomorrow which can create a great day of fishing. Keep in mind that the weather can change quickly here in the catskills. Make sure to bring proper rain gear and clothing. Although the flow on the west branch is still at 1540 at hale eddy, the fish have been active. Lots of quills and olives have been spotted along the whole system. The east is flowing at 786 and should be wadeable in most areas. Keep an eye out for bank sipp

Fishing the Delaware with our Veterans!

Today's report is not going to be so much about the fish but the folks we fished with yesterday. We here at Baxter House were honored to host Veterans of our armed forces in partnership with the NY/NJ Project Healing Water and Adopt a Soldier. This is a day we all look forward to every year. We find pride in making a small difference in being able to create a positive, safe and fun environment for our hero's. This even holds a very special place with us because Guide Marty found his way to Baxter House through a similar program for veterans. Special thanks to NY/NJ Project Healing Waters, Adopt-a-Soldier and Nicole March. Below Baxter House Guides: Zach, Marty, Chris and Rich with Owner and

Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Huge Hatches and Giant Browns! Yesterday the insect activity was incredible across large areas of the river system. If you were lucky enough to be out on the water yesterday you got to see what the Upper Delaware River System is famous for. For many of our guides there were insects on the water from start to finish. Apple Caddis have been on the water 24 hours a day. Yesterday afternoon much of the river system saw the mother lode of Hendrickson spinners come back to lay eggs. Towards the end of the day the entire water was covered with insects and the trout were gorging themselves. All of our guests had great action casting the dry fly. This heavy caddis activity should continue for a few d

Fly Fishing Report 5/8/18

Bug activity continues to improve daily! Our guides are have success pulling streamers in between rising fish. Hendricksons and quills are hatching well in the afternoons, along with caddis throughout the day. Fishing on the upper east proved to be a good choice yesterday. We saw fish that were rising consistently and were able to put them in the net. Fishing has also been good on the main stem with hungry fish throughout the whole system. We are optimistic for a spinner fall any day now. I saw spinners on my trip on the upper east yesterday but they did not fall. Water temps are ideal for great hatches throughout the system. Some photos from Guide Marty's trip on the upper east. With the f

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