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Weekend Outlook 5/24/18

The weekend outlook looks promising with the rivers taking a drop from the rain this past week. Fishing should be excellent this weekend. Bug are hatching and spinners are falling. Still seeing hendos in some parts of the system along with march browns, olives and epic caddis hatches.

The East Branch is more wader friendly as of today. The west should have some decent access in the upper sections.

Water clarity has improved over night as well. Nymphing should be a very viable option in the next days. Our guides have been having success with ice caddis pupas, copper johns, pheasant tails and pheasant tails which we carry in the shop.

Dry fly selection has been vast in the last couple days. Hendo cripples, comparaduns, traditionals and knockdowns. We have been have great success with size 14-18 hackle wing spinners. March brown emergers and cripples have worked as well.

We still have a couple openings for this coming weekend but is limited. If you would like to book a trip with us please call! 607-290-4022

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