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Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

Dry Flies and Drift Boats The dry fly fishing is excellent now. The early spring activity of Blue Quills, Quill Gordon's and Hendrickson's is in full swing. Our guests have been enjoying great hatches and easy fish for the last week. The weather has been doing it's best to make things difficult. We are still in the pattern of rain followed by rain. The only changing factor has been the air temperature which has ranged from very comfortable to downright nasty. Over the past weekend our guests braved snow squalls but it was well worth it. The rivers flows remain high and the only options for wading are in the Beaverkill and Willowemoc. Both are wadable at high water conditions. Yesterday after

Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

A nice Delaware Rainbow from yesterday. Ate a Hendrickson Cripple WEATHER AND RIVER UPDATE Yesterday we had every one of our guides out on the water with guests. The fishing continues to be good in most places with a good streamer bite and dry fly action all afternoon. Look for some cool photos after the weekend. Yesterday we had light showers on and off until right around 6:00pm when the sky opened up and tried to drown us. This storm moved the river flows back up pretty quickly. As is always the case the freestones were most effected. The Beaverkill, WIllowemoc, Lower East and Main Stem are up this morning. All of them have already crested and now have falling water. For the next day or

Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

Weekend Outlook As is always the case in April the question of the day is will the rain change fishing conditions and keep us off the rivers? For the Baxter House Guide Staff the answer is no. We thrive in high water and normally have our best days during the crappy weather. Our guides have some openings if you want to get in on the action. Call today for the available openings 607-290-4022 For everyone who wades lets say that April is a challenging month. Today's forecast looks like more rain throughout the day. There is also a chance of showers through the weekend but it is low percentage. With the current forecast the flow rate below are sure to rise a bit. I will keep you posted to the e

Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

Conditions Improving Quickly Over the last 2 days our rivers have been quickly returning to good fishing conditions. Yesterday our local rivers looked great. At this time anglers can expect to find all of our rivers to be running high and clear. Under the current flows anglers will find plenty of places to wade but deep wading and crossing the rivers is not advised. It is best to walk the river gravel and fish close. Below is a quick shot of today''s flows At these flows wade anglers should try the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and the Tributaries to the main rivers. The East, West and Main Stem Delaware are best fished by Drift Boat.. Over the last few days the trout have become far more active t

Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

a nice brown from yesterday. photo from guide Matt Hackett Delayed Start, Delayed Again The Rainy weather and high water conditions continue. Over the last 2 days we received substantial rainfall again. This new batch of rainfall was completely different that what hit us last Sunday and Monday but the end result is nearly the same.. As I write this all of our rivers are once again blown out. The day did not start that way. We started a pretty normal day with several trips heading out. By mid day however all of our guides shortened their trips and pulled the boats. Roscoe and the fly shop were pretty dead due to the rain and Easter. This afternoon Michele and I took a long ride throughout th

Upper Delaware

Mid Week Update Over the last 2 days the water levels have been dropping. The degree that the water has fallen depends on the river. Our freestones as always have dropped the most. The Willowemoc and Beaverkill have dropped dramatically from where they crested Monday morning. The Tailwaters have dropped but they will eventually settle out and remain steady. When this happens it will likely be at flows that are either in the upper ranges of most wade anglers ability or above. This is due to both reservoirs spilling over their dams. We can expect to see high water here for some time. (now is a great time to book a float trip!) With that said there should be some decent opportunity for wade fis

Upper Delaware Report

Dangerous Water Levels on all of our local Rivers Last nights rainfall has the Upper Delaware rivers at or above flood stage. No recreational activity should be attempted at this time. The big push of water is coming from the Beaverkill and Willowemoc but this water influences everything downstream. There will be no fishing for a few days. If there is no additional rainfall Baxter House guides will be back on the Tailwater river in a day or two. We will update our river reports as conditions change.

Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Saturday Morning Update Last night we had steady light rainfall with a few heavy showers mixed in. This morning all Upper Delaware rivers are on the rise. Anglers should expect to find turbidity which should range from fairly heavy in the freestones to just a tinge in the tailwaters. Expect some areas to have localized heavier turbidity At this time anglers on foot will have shrinking opportunity. At the current flows wade fishing is dangerous. Fishing on foot should be limited to walking the banks. The conditions remain very good for anglers planning to fish from Drift Boats. Below are the current flows along with the prediction gauge for the Beaverkill through Monday. The forecast is calli

Early Season Action

The first 2 weeks The Trout fishing in the Upper Delaware River System is off to a fairly normal start. The weather has been a mix of nice days and gray damp days. Daytime high temps have been in the 40's to low 50's with nights near freezing. The next few days are expected to be on the colder side (40's) with a 30% chance of rain each of the next few days. Currently our rivers are running on the high side which is normal for April. There is some wading opportunity in most of our rivers but knee deep is where you want to stay. Conditions are about perfect for anglers fishing from drift boats. Our guides have some openings in the coming days. Our guides have been on the water daily and doing

Trout Fishing Opening Day 2019

Photo of Junction Pool at low water level When the New York State trout season opens tomorrow it will start our 20th. year in Roscoe. A lot has changed over the years but we remain dedicated to offering the fly fishing community the best information regarding conditions on all Upper Delaware rivers, innovative fly patterns and the hardest working professional fishing guides in the region. Our guides are now available daily for Float Trips, Wade Fishing and Fly Casting Instruction. We will be offering lodging starting on April 15th. Our Fly Shop is now open! For the next 2 weeks we will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Our guides will be in the shop most mornings preparing for trip

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