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Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

Conditions Improving Quickly

Over the last 2 days our rivers have been quickly returning to good fishing conditions. Yesterday our local rivers looked great.

At this time anglers can expect to find all of our rivers to be running high and clear. Under the current flows anglers will find plenty of places to wade but deep wading and crossing the rivers is not advised. It is best to walk the river gravel and fish close. Below is a quick shot of today''s flows

At these flows wade anglers should try the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and the Tributaries to the main rivers. The East, West and Main Stem Delaware are best fished by Drift Boat..

Over the last few days the trout have become far more active than only a week ago. There are plenty of insects emerging and you can now expect to find some risers if you choose the right water.

Our guides have been having good success on both streamer flies and dry flies. I would still say that you need to keep busy with the streamer for most of the day and fish the risers when you find them..

Currently Blue Quills, Olives, Quill Gordon's and Hendrickson's are on the water. The amount of insects depends where you fish. The best advice I can give is to target the slowest water you can find that has a bottom made up of smaller uniformly shaped river cobble. This is the habitat of the nymphs for early season Mayflies.

Right now the best insect action is as follows best to worst. Main Stem, West branch, East Branch, Beaverkill, Willowemoc. This is the normal way things start each year. It is unfortunate however that the areas with the best hatches remain too high for fish to feed efficiently. Under current conditions the West Branch or the Upper East remain #1 and 2 for best chances to see active fish. Hunt the slow pools, tailouts, and protected areas.

If no additional rainfall occurs this weekend should be the first real chance we have for good fishing this season. I will keep you posted if any real changes occur to the river flows. Right now every river remains on a slow steady decline in flow.

Our guides are available if you want to get out for a combination Streamer / Hendrickson Hatch, float trip.

give us a call today to book your next fly fishing adventure. 607-290-4022

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