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Smallmouth Bass and Carp

Baxter House Outfitters Sallmouth Bass Trip on the Delaware
Delaware Smallmouth Bass, Bxter House Outfitters
 Baxter House Outfitters, Photo
 Baxter House Outfitters, Photo

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The Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The Delaware River is one of the most productive Smallmouth Bass rivers in the United States. The Delaware boasts huge numbers of healthy smallies that grow fast on the abundant insects and forage fish.

In the area where our guides fish we are lucky to have both huge numbers of fish with a healthy blend of both large and small fish. On average Delaware smallies run around 12" but on every float we encounter fish in the 15" to 18" range. On the river sections where we fish Walleye are also abundant. We also occasionally encounter Striped Bass, Pickerel and Panfish, all are a welcome addition to our daily catch.


The best time to target Smallmouth Bass is in the months of July and August.

It is during the summer months that the action is red hot! During this period the catching is guaranteed. Spring and Fall are also excellent times to target smallies. These shoulder seasons typically produce less numbers but the focus at this time is on targeting the larger fish. We also offer float trips that specifically target Trophy Smallmouth. (The details on these trips appear below)

The accomodating nature of Smallies is the reason that we always reccommend these float trips as the starting point for young anglers. We introduce lots of children to the sport and we know that an Upper Delaware float trip is an adventure  that will always be remembered.

We offer both fly fishing and light spin tackle trips for Smallmouth Bass. On many trips we will use both techniques.

All of our guides provide the necessary tackle for both Fly Fishing and Light Spin Tackle trips. All flies and lures are included in the cost of the trip. Our boats are always stocked with spring water and they are equipped with large coolers for your lunches and snacks.

Guided Fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Walleye


Mid June through Mid September

Fly Fishing or Ultra Light Spin Tackle 

4 Hour Float Trips on the Main Delaware   $499.00 for one or two anglers

Full Day Smallie Trip     $550.00


A valid New York State fishing license is required on all guided trips. Children under the age of 16 do not require a license.

 Sight Fishing for Trophy Bass and Carp

Please view our Video Clips on HD Settings

Hunt for Huge Carp and Smallmouth Bass "On The Fly"

During July and August we offer one on one guided float trips that specifically target Carp and Trophy Sized Smallmouth Bass on the fly. These trips are offered on the smaller off the radar streams in the Upper Delaware and Catskill Regions. We offer these trips in our Stealthcraft Hooligan Fishing Rafts. These amazing light rafts make it possible to access waters that were previously Kayak and canoe water only.

These waters receive very light angling pressure and most days we are the only fishermen on the water.

The streams we target are loaded with Carp and Smallmouth Bass. Every trip will offer lots of opportunity to cast to large feeding fish. If you have not tried Carp fishing, These Giants are one of the most challenging fish to fool and battle with Fly Tackle.

The Trips 

Carp and Trophy Smallmouth Bass - Full Day Float

Trip for one angler $550.00       


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