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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Spring may be breaking early this year. Over the last week or so the Upper Delaware region has had it's share of warmer weather and rainfall. This rarely happens in February. All of our rivers are now high from the recent rainfall but when they fall the warmer days should offer some opportunity for fly anglers. If you are struggling with cabin fever and see an opportunity with some nice weather give us a call. We have guides available that would love to do an early season float trip. Currently the Lower West Branch and Main Stem are open to fishing as are the no-kill sections of the Beaverkill and WIllowemoc. In addition to the Upper Delaware I will continue offering Fly Fishing trips in sou

Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Report

The waters in Tampa Bay remain warm and there are plenty of opportunities for the fly angler. Over the last week my guests have taken a variety of fish species on the fly. Over this period several anglers have been lucky enough to take their first snook or redfish on the fly with me. This week I also did 2 days of reef fishing and these trips were filled with action. Recently most all of my trips have included a mix of locations and techniques. I have been mixing up the day with time on the flats, time in the deeper water and time hunting the Mangroves and cuts. Each location is holding different species of fish and coming to life on different stages of tide. This approach has been working w

Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Report

It has been a while since my last report. I apologize for the radio silence. The last 2 weeks have been very busy and I have been out with guests about every day. Over the last week the water temperatures in Tampa Bay have been back up in the low 70's again. Winter weather has thus far totaled about 5 days. Currently the fishing is pretty good. The fish are still spread out and the conditions are more similar to autumn than what you would expect to find in February. Over the last week all of my trips have been with Fly Fishermen and several were fishing for our inshore species for the first time. I have had several anglers take their first Snook, Trout and Redfish on flies this week. There

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