May Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware River

May is off to a good start. Despite some unpredictable weather the fish have been actively feeding.

The fly hatches are on or close to their normal emergence times and at the time of this report there are Blue Quills, Hendricksons, March Browns, Sulfurs and assorted Caddisflies on the water. Spinner falls have been heavy but the time of day has been a crap shoot. I have seen spinners at every time of day recently.

a March Brown on yesterday's float on the East Delaware

At this time most all of the bigger trout are still staged up in the slow pools and their tailouts. This will slowly change as the month goes on. As the Hendrickson hatch gives way to the March Brown and Sulfur hatches the fish will slowly make their way towards the faster sections and pocket water.

Today 5/5 we are in a period of 3 straight days of rainfall. All Upper Delaware Rivers are up in flow and there is a good amount of turbidity. Now is a great time for fishing from drift boats.