Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Big Bugs and Great River Levels

Currently all Upper Delaware Rivers are now at optimum flow rates for angler access. At the Current flows anglers will find safe wading just about everywhere, Currently water temperatures are in a good place. Anglers should however be aware on days where we have really hot temps. like yesterday. On these days the lower reaches of our freestones may get too warm for the trout to be active.

We are expecting cooler days for the rest of the week and there is some rainfall in the forecast for Friday. At this time of year some regular rainfall is a welcome occurrence.

We are heading into the time of late spring where insect diversity is high. The first week of June has always been referred to as Bug Week. This year it looks like wee will see near normal activity during this time period. Right now there are a lot of species on the water daily. The most abundant are Sulfurs, March Browns and Caddisflies. Hendricksons are