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Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Report

Weekend Outlook - Lots of Options

Over the last few days the river flows around the Upper Delaware have continued to drop their flow rates. For the first time this season both wade and drift boat anglers have decent access to the water. At the current flows we are now finally able to fish streamers, nymphs and dry flies and see results with each technique.

Thus far the insect hatches have kept pace with the high water and cold weather. The hatches are at least 2 weeks behind normal and the best fishing is just getting going. All of our rivers still have very cold water temps for the date and no really warm weather has hit our area yet. The next month should bring us some explosive action. A lot of bugs will be pouring out of the water in the coming days.

At this time all of our guests are getting lots of opportunity. Most of the time we have been keeping the dry fly rods in their hands but the nymph action is now on and about to hit high gear.

Our guides have been netting some impressive Trout this week.

The hatches are now in full swing. What you will find depends on the individual section of river but here is what is out there.

Hendrickson's, Quills, Sulfurs, March Browns, Stoneflies, and assorted caddisflies.

Currently the Hendricksons are strong on the West Branch, waning on the East.

March Browns are most abundant on the Lower East, Main Stem and Lower Beaverkill.

Sulfurs are on the Main Delaware, Lower East in solid numbers. The tailwaters have a few. There have been some blanket type hatches on the freestones but this has happened just at dark the last few nights.

Caddisflies are everywhere and the fish have been on them pretty good when Mayflies are lacking.

With our first few days of sustained non rainy weather spinner activity has been heavy and happening at all times. Wednesday my guest fished an incredible hendrickson spinner fall at 1:00pm.

The rivers are in great shape. The West is still running high. Hatches are strong and the dry fly is reliable every day. The West is also a circus at times, especially on weekends.

The flow on the East is dropping fast. Currently this river is reaching the point where the fish get ultra snotty. Yesterday my guest fished a pod of steady risers for an hour and some of the fish were refusing the natural insects. We had to drop to size #18 flies to get strikes on this particular pod of fish. This is not the case everywhere on the east but it makes the point that the fish are getting tough. Now is the time to look for fish in faster water on the Upper East.

The Lower East is not on fire but you can put together a decent day if you work it and fish nymphs and dry flies. March Browns, Sulfurs and Caddisflies are on the water. Spinner activity has been good late day.

The Main Stem is still too high for wading. It is coming into a good place for drift boaters. It is still mostly a dry Fly game. We have had boats there the last few days and our guest have been getting opportunity. The surface activity is not hot but if you search the slow water you can find some heads looking up. The Trout on the Main are not selective and have been mostly BIG.

March Browns, Sulfurs and Caddisflies are whats emerging. Spinner activity is good most days.

The Beaverkill and Willowemoc are at good flows now. Anglers have great access to the water for the first time in a while. All of the insects listed above are available at times. These rivers are about to come into their hot period of the year. These rivers have lots of fast water and the insects that emerge from this type of water are due to emerge in the coming weeks. The Beaverkill is a great Green Drake river and these giant insects are probably 2 weeks out.

Now is the time to book a trip if you want to float during the BIG BUG period. Call us today 607-290-4022

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