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Fly Fishing Report for Tampa Bay

Good Action on the Fly

The fishing has remained steady and reliable over the last few weeks. Right now my guests are having pretty steady action with a variety of different species.

The back country, smaller bays and flats have lots of bait fish right now. Most every day I have been able to find fish busting on the surface. Most of this action has been with Jack Crevales, Spanish Mackerel and Ladyfish. The Jack and Mack action has been best in the open bay and along the edges of the flats. The Ladyfish have been all over the flats. These fish are super aggressive feeders that take flies readily and fight hard.

I have also been spending some time every day targeting Trout. We have been taking some nice ones every day. We have also been taking some flounder while targeting trout. There seems to be more of these fish around this fall.

The snook action has been good both day and night. Whenever the water is moving they have been eating our baitfish imitations. Right now it has been a numbers game in the areas I have been fishing. Lots of 20" fish with the occasional larger fish mixed in. I have not however put a lot of time in specifically targeting bigger Snook. Most days I have been working the Mangroves for about an hour or so. We have also had some good Snook action during the low tides while walking the exposed sand bars.

We have been taking a few Redfish here and there. The other day I had 6 nice ones on a light tackle trip. Like the Snook I have not spent any large amount of time specifically targeting Reds. We have some negative low tides coming at the end of the week. I will probably put some extra time on Redfish during the low water periods.

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