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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Heavy Rainfall and Bank Full Rivers!

I finally have something new to report.

The heavy rainfall that has been moving through most of the east has left some substantial water in the Upper Delaware River and throughout the Catskills.

The rainfall from the last few days has caused all of our rivers to rise. The extent of high water varies by location. Some of our smaller creeks experienced enough of a surge to cause localized flooding. Localized flooding also occurred in low ares along the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Lower East Branch. The Upper East branch and Upper West Branch were not effected the same way. They actually rose to about perfect flows for fishing streamers and dry flies.

Our guides have been very busy and since the rain started a few days ago they have seen a streamer bite that has been improving daily. Today all of our guides have trips specifically hunting big trout with streamers.

This weather and hot streamer bite has hit at very busy time for our guides staff. Despite having 6 or 7 guides fishing daily, we have limited openings in the coming days. If you want to get in on the action here are the open slots -Today (sold Out), Tomorrow / Friday7/27-2 boats available, Saturday (sold Out), Sunday 7/29 1 Boat available, Monday 7/30-2 boats available, Tuesday 7/31 2 boats available. openings are available at the time of this posting but the phone has been ringing all morning. Call now to get one of the slots 607-290-4022.


As mentioned we are having really good Streamer and Dry Fly action with our guests who are drift boat fishing with our guides.

For those of you who are on foot here is the information you will need to find fish and stay safe.

For the next few days the Willowemoc, Beaverkill, Lower East Branch and Main Stem are out of the question. These all went to or near flood. They will take some time to drop to safe levels. I will post an update as soon as the flows get to a level where these rivers are safe. I would expect the water to drop out quickly. There may be limited wading and bank fishing over the weekend, I'll keep you posted.

The influx of water here was however very beneficial to the river eco system. These rivers had been very warm and now they are not so bad. At the very least the rains will provide our wild trout with a break from the very stressful summer temperatures.

The East and West Branches of the Delaware always take the majority of the summertime trout fishing pressure. This will not change in the coming days since neither of these river got blown out by rainfall. The rain was not localized over these rivers and they do not have as many tributaries as the Beamoc and Main Stem. At this time these rivers have about perfect flows with some turbidity. The current turbidity is the type our guides love. Just enough to make big trout feel comfortable and just enough to mask human presence in their domain.

Wade anglers will have some access today but careful wading is a must. The slow poolls and eddies are the best places to wade safe.

The rivers did not rise too high so if you plan on streamer fishing small is the best choice for patterns. 5" or less will get attention as strikes will be feeding strikes, not territorial strikes. Small BH Buggers, Zonkers, Leeches, EP Minnows, and small Articulated Baitfish will work best.

The fish will have no problem rising at the current flows. There has been no change in insect hatches. Sulfurs and Olives are the main staple. Tricos, Isonyhchia, Cahills, Midges and Terrestrials are on the water. Don't forget it is ant and beetle season.

The other option for wade anglers now is fishing the mountain streams and tributaries. These smaller creeks are always cold in summer and we have been hearing good things from the few local angler who fish them regularly.

If you plan on fishing make sure you stop by the shop. We have all the custom fly patterns to keep your rod bent. If you want location specific reports call the shop 607-290-4022

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