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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

One of the many nymph caught rainbow that I netted during yesterday''s float.


The forecast for the next 5 days is for overcast skies and possible showers. Every day the probability of rain is low around 20% - 30% but the gray skies should be good for the Insects and Trout.

Over the last few days the action has been great. On my trips we have been nymphing most of the day. The action is so hot that we have been well into double digit catches per person every day. The dry fly action is also hot but the bite is in the last hour of daylight in most places. The tailwaters are the exception with rising fish being possible at any time.

The coming weekend should offer visiting anglers great diversity both in choice of river section and in hatches. Right now there is unlimited wading access to about every section of river.

Currently you can run into about every type of Mayfly on our local waters. Hendricksons are still on the tailwaters. On the freestones we have a bit of bug soup. Over the last few days I have seen hendricksons, Sulfurs, March Browns, Green Drakes, Isonychia, Olives plus assorted caddisflies and stoneflies. Now is the time to have a big box full of flies.

Additionally the spinner activity has been off the chart near dark. Last night there were millions of Sulfur spinners mixed with decent amounts of the HUGE March Brown Spinners. My guests have adding a few bigger fish every day during this crazy action.

For those of you who chase the Drakes every year they have begun. They are only in the lower reaches of our freestones at this time but they will work their way up river in the coming 2 weeks. If you are not finding hatches of this insect in the coming days it may be due to our very hot weather recently. In years of heat and warmer water this hatch sometimes goes totally nocturnal. When this happens the Spinners will be active at the normal twilight period. We also find that there will be a great period of activity with these giant insects from dawn lasting through the first few hours of daylight. Over the years we have taken many giant trout sipping spent drakes during the am.

If you are into nymphing now is prime time. Most all tactics will produce. I have been rigging 3 flies as usual with the heaviest to lightest scheme. My fly choices now are March Browns, Isonychia, Pheasant Tails and Ice Pupas. The Ice Pupas are killing it during bright sun. The darker Pheasant Tails are best during the periods of clouds.

If you want to get in on the action give us a call. Our guides will get you in on the action. 607-290-4022

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