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Fishing Report 5/15/2018

Fishing around the whole system continues to be consistent. Dry fly action has been exceptionally good with fish eating on top. All of our clients have been getting BIG fish with our guides. The Hendrickson hatch continues to come off strong along with olives and caddis. There have been a few sightings of March Browns which is a good sign that the hatches should be seamless.

The water flows are dropping slowly which is creating more access for wade anglers. Nymph fishing has been doing very good on the east branch with the flows below 500. The Beaver Kill and Willow are dropping slowly which is making the systems ideal for wade fishing.

The water clarity is ideal on all the systems, the recent rain has had little to no impact on the rivers.

There are reports of spinners falling yesterday afternoon and evening. Hendricksons mixed with olive spinners.

Streamer fishing has also still been paying off during the small periods in between finding fish eating.

We have been doing very well in catching fish over the 20 inch range.

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