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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Hendrickson's Continue along with Apple Caddis

Over the weekend there was good action for all of our guests. We continue to have good action with the Hendrickson's and with streamers. All of our guests have been hooking up with both methods. We have been netting some very impressive fish in recent days.

Here are a few more giants from Guide Matt's weekend trips.

Right now anglers planning to fish can expect to see Hendrickson's and Quill Gordon's. There have also been Blanket hatches of Apple Caddis in some sections of the river. There were also periods of spinner activity on every river. Recently with the windy weather we have seen spinners appear at all times of the day. I always keep a rod rigged with a Hackle Wing Spinner at all times.

The Apple Caddis has been profuse, especially on the Main Stem. If you run into this hatch there are always millions of them in the drift. Because of this mass emergence it is best to fish flies that are crippled or defective. At Baxter House we have several flies specifically for the Apple Caddis activity. CDC X Caddis, Iris Caddis and Elk Over CDC are among the patterns we suggest. This hatch should be around for a while as it works it's way up stream. Right now it is most profuse on the lower and middle Main Stem. Look for it on the branches sometime in the next week.

All around the system there is still high water conditions and yesterdays rain will probably slow the speed in which the flows drop for at least today.

The Willowemoc and Beaverkill are the most wader friendly followed by the Upper East Branch. All have rising fish at times. The main key to success is being on the water from 2:00 till dark and fishing the slow deeper pools. This is where the fish are at this time. We are just starting to see fish spreading out a bit but this has been mostly on the East and West where insect hatches are already well established.

The West and Main remain pretty high and are best fished by Drift Boat. This is how we have been setting our guests up on the best locations.

Photos from Delaware River Float with Capt. Ken Tutalo

We have had a few schedule changes today and currently I now have next Monday open. We also have a few opening each week with our guide staff. Call the shop today to schedule your day on the water. Now is the time for big fish on the surface. 607-290-4022

If you are in Roscoe make sure you stop by our new Fly Shop location on Roscoe's main street.

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