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Upper Delaware and Catskill Fly Fishing Report

Today is a day for Fly Tying not Fishing

More Rain and High Water

This report will be pretty brief and to the point.

This morning we woke to some pretty heavy rain falling. This rain has been on and off throughout the day. At this point it looks like all of our rivers are going to rise pretty high.

Most likely we will be blown out for a few days. The only river that may escape this will be the Upper East Branch and I will keep you posted on it's condition.

The good news for us Trout fishermen is that the entire season is still ahead of us. The cold lingering winter has put most all action on hold.

As soon as we get our first string of several warm days in a row, look for the action to pop and go from nothing to happening overnight.

Our guides will keep you up to date on the progress.

Now is the time to call in and set your dates for fishing with us this spring. We are in the shop every day. 607-290-4022

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