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Catskill Fishing Report 4/11/2018

Over the past few days we have sent 5 boats out and a few foot warriors as well. The fishing is gradually picking up as the air temperatures climb. Although it has been slow and cold the bugs are waiting to pop. We expect this weekend for the pop to happen. All of our boats have reported seeing good numbers of Paraleps on the water. We are excited for this warm front because we haven't had warm weather like this yet this year. Here is the extended forecast below for the local area around Roscoe.

The rain shouldn't muddy up the water to much and the predictor graphs don't have the levels coming up to much. The Beaverkill and Willowemoc will be wadable while the bigger rivers are goin to be a little tougher. Be safe and don't fish alone when the water is this cold.

The west is currently sitting at 2050 cfs and slowly dropping until the light rains come in. It's very clear and a tiny bit murky around the edges. The west has been climbing into the lower 40's temperature wise in the later day. This weekend we hope to see it in the mid to upper 40's which will be crack for us here fisherman.

The upper east is sliding down at 395cfs and expected to get a little bump from the rain as well. The east is very very clear and difficult as of now but we are hoping to get a little tinge from the rain and runoff.

We have been using 12-14 foot leaders ever with streamers and fishing as far away as possible to not allow the trout to see us or our line. If you nymph go with 6x and use multiple flies. Stop in the shop to learn the setup. We have been going with a big stone and a small caddis dropper.

If you have any questions give the shop a call and speak with one of our guides.

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