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April 4th Catskills Fishing Report

Slow cold start should make for an excellent long year for the Catskills. Even though were all itching for the Hendricksons to kick off the game, it wont be long. Hang in there!

APRIL 4 - Ups and Downs, Ups and Downs. The temperature over the next week is fluctuating from mid fifties to the mid twenties. All rivers are high and healthy with a hint of the early season chalky look to em'.

The fishing has been difficult but here are some tips to hopefully get you some fish. The days where it is warmer the water temps will near the mid 40's later in the day. However with cold nights the water will drop to the upper 30's. Streamers and buggers should begin working consistently later in the day when the water creeps into the mid forties. If nymphings your game, try closer to the dams where the fish are more acclimated and use to the colder water temps. We have seen fish rising in the late afternoons to tiny bugs, the only problem has been reaching them. We have seen this in the big deep pools so far but not with any consistency. The Beaverkill and Willow should begin getting good later next week with warmer air temps and warmer water. The shady sides of the mountains still have 2-3 inches of snow but that should fade quickly. All in all......deep pools slow twitching whooley buggers. Late day tiny bugs in slow pools and nymphing the slow sides of seams.

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