Fly FIshing Report for the Upper DelaWare and Catskill Rivers


It took until November but the Blue WIng Olives and some colder weather are finally here. I have still been on the river every day with guest and can finally report reliable olive hatches every day. Over the last week it has been reliable but the start time has been fluctuating a bit.

Recently I have had guests fish the olive hatch for duration's that ranged from the entire day to a 2 hour period. Most days however it has lasted from around 1:00 pm until dark.

Remember that most all of the trout have moved to the slowest places in the river. If you want to fish risers spend you time searching the tailouts of the bigger pools.

If you have never fished the late season Olives it is an amazing site. The Trout feed with an urgency, they know tough times are coming. Now is also the BEST time of year to get a crack at huge Wild Rainbows on the surface. This week we have had quite a few big "Bows" that measured past the 20" mark.