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Still Going Strong

This season which we're dubbing "the season that never ends" is still going strong. The fish are now mostly in or near where they will spend the winter. With the cold nasty weather olives are going strong, look in areas with little to no current that will concentrate bugs. Remember olives are small, it takes a lot to fill up a big trout, look in areas that are conducive to efficient feeding. There is an art to finding these spots, the simplest way for me to explain it is this. If you dropped 1000 ping pong balls a mile upstream where would they go? Also pay attention to the bubbles/foam it can make seeing the areas im talking about easier, but not always. long tippets and stealthy approaches are important. As has been the case for the last few weeks there is opportunity to dry, nymph and streamer at the moment. Anyone wanting to wade the beaverkill should hold off a few days, it should be ok by the weekend. Mid week availability is great right now give us a call.

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