Saturday Report

Guide Matt with a nice autumn brown.

Air temps are going to be oddly warm for this time of year throughout the weekend and early week. Which should give anglers opportunities to get out and get solid fishing time in before the cold moves back in. The river conditions have not changed significantly over the course of the last week. Bug activity has also not had any significant changes. With the west branch still flowing at 1100 at hale eddy, the conditions of the west and main still remain the same. The east is still flowing at a low flow.

Most of our clients and staff have been having consistent success on nymphs and streamers. Bug activity on the top consists mostly of small olives, midges and sparse caddis hatches.

Some browns are showing their beautiful fall colors and are in spawning mode. Keep in mind that the fish in the system are noticing the change in the season and are preparing for what's ahead. The rainbows appear to be getting thicker and more aggressive than usual.