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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


Tom Gibson in his usual pose. Tom had several big "BOWS" on yesterday's float!

Yesterday was without a doubt the worst possible weather conditions to for fly fishermen in a long while. We had a very cold day with rain squalls and a sustained 25 MPH wind throughout most of the day. These conditions were probably the reason that we saw no other human activity along the river.

The Olives exploded in the long awaited cold air temps. From around 12:30 until near dark every inch of the water was covered with mixed size Blue WIng Olives. The giant buffet was met with enthusiasm by our native trout as they were very active throughout the afternoon. If the weather stays cold this hatch will be reliable every day. If warmth returns we can expect to see the intensity of the hatch slow with the rising mercury.

Yesterday's surface activity was a waiting game. With the heavy sustained winds you had to sit and wait for the exact moments where the wind would subside long enough to make some casts. Yesterday's crew is more the take the game to the river type so sitting it out was not an option..

WE spent little time on this near futile dry fly method and instead stuck to it with nymphs. As has been the case lately we really ran the numbers up on Big WIld Rainbows. Over my last 4 trips my guests have been well into double digits every day.

Yesterday I had Bill Hardy and Tom Gibson out on the Main Stem. These two have perfect demeanor's to march into a cold, wet, wind storm with. As is usually the case with them we had the rods bent on a regular basis.

We had lot of action on BWO sized nymphs.. Following their usual pattern Tom Had the Big boys dialed in, Tom always gets the great photo. Bill continued to be the numbers guy with his nymphs connecting on a regular basis.

Tom with another Big Mature Delaware Rainbow

A great shot of Bills hands hiding one of his many Delaware Bows!

The Boys speaking to Mr. Rainbow

The Boys speaking to the creatures

A nice shot of Bill showing just how shallow the Rainbows are hanging these days

With the heavy hatches just kicking in, now is the time to book a fall trip. Some of the most exciting fsihing of the year will occur in the next few weeks.

Give us a call today to get in on the action 607-290-4022

We are also booking Salmon RIver and Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Adventures

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