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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Fishing Update

The photo is Andrew who fished with his buddy Mike yesterday. It was Andrew's first Delaware RIver Trip and he is proudly displaying his first ever Trout on a fly. Andrew's first float was full of opportunity as the river was alive with insects and hungry trout!

Report update -

The overcast weather continued yesterday along with some very light rainfall. This resulted in another buggy day on the river.

For the first time in a while I had to keep the dry fly rod handy throughout the day. During the afternoon there was a steady hatch of Olives. The olives were joined at times with a mix of other insects. The other insects were dominated by midges which filled the air at times, several different caddisflies were also about. Overall we probably had dry fly and nymph rods rods in our hands for an equal amount of time.

The current Cannonsville release along with the rain have the Main Delaware running with some light to medium turbidity. Under the current conditions the trout are easier than normal to approach and they are taking the fly readily.

The extended weather forecast looks favorable for dry fly action. It looks like some seasonable temperatures are on the way. Anglers planning to fish should remember that the hatches of October and November are directly tied to colder weather.

Now is a great time to line up a float trip to enjoy the fall foliage and cast to rising trout.

call us today at 607-290-4022 to plan your next fly fishing adventure

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