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Saturday Report

Fall fishing is officially upon us. The leaves are changing and the browns should be getting ready to move back into the upper system and tributaries to spawn. The weather is predicted to be over cast and rain into Monday but warmer than usual for this time of the year. Prospects for this weekend are looking very positive with the rain and cooler waters.

The west continues to flow at 1140 but is still fishing. Streamers and nymphs are a good choice but our staff have been catching good fish off the top. With the rain we are hoping for an increase of flow in the east which will allow float access. Wading is a viable option for the east but with the low water anglers have to be careful wading into fish.

Insect activity has improved in the last week. Depending on where you fish expect too see Olives, Iso's, Cahill's, Caddis and spinner falls. I have been seeing early spinner falls on the lower east. Size 16-18s. Size 18-20 olive emergers have been working well in all the systems.

The beaver kill, willow and lower east are cooling off but still flowing very low.

Yesterday Captain netted several solid sized fish nymphing.

Guide Matt and Zach have been doing very well on the upper and lower west banking streamers mixed with some fishing feeding on top.

Most of our trips have been for trout the last week but Smally fishing is strong on the lower main.

Just a reminder we have moved our fly shop to Main street in Roscoe. We encourage all of our regular clients and new clients to come and visit the shop!

If you would like to get out for a trips give us a call today. 607-290-4022

If you are in Roscoe make sure you stop in and see our new fly shop. We are now on Stewart Ave. Roscoe's Main Street. We are right next to the Pharmacy and across from the towns big parking lot.

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