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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Dr. Bob with a giant Main Stem Rainbow from over the weekend. This giant Bow came from super skinny water and was landed on a tiny nymph.

The fishing continues to be pretty good around the river system. There have been some daily changes and today is no different.

With the lack of rainfall the freestone rivers continue to fall in flow. Right now there is unlimited wading in the Beaverkill, Willoemoc and East Branch. The Upper East has had another drop in release and today the river is at 84 cfs.

The West continues to receive a reservoir release that has been increasing daily. This is a Montague release and it will continue to increase until some rainfall occurs down river or they resume generating on the Lackawaxen.

The insect activity has been good on the freestones and Upper East. It has been not so great in the West and Main Stem since the heavy release started. Isonychia, Olives, Cahills, Caddisflies, Midges and Terrestrials are about.

There has been a good streamer bite on the West Branch since the water is currently turbid. The turbidity decreases as you move downstream but it is currently effecting clarity through most of the Main Stem.

Guide Matt continues to get it done in the turbid water of the West Branch. Lots of Brownies like this one have been aggressively taking the Streamer.

Recently our guides have been getting it done in the off color water. We have been splitting time between streamer chucking and working nymph rigs in the riffles and pocket water.

We have been putting good numbers of fish in the net and some of the Trout have been memorable!

Our guides have some opening in the coming days if you would like to get out. The next few weeks are prime time for floating the Upper "D"

Give us a call today at 607-290-4022 to book your next fly fishing adventure.

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