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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

Autumn Weather Returns!

All of our recent float trips have been non stop action with Wild Rainbows like the one Mike Gartland is posing with!

This morning we woke to a cool breezy day. We are now forecast for more seasonable weather where 60 degree days should be the norm.

This is good news as our freestone rivers are very low. We can expect the weather change to quickly impact the Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Lower East branch. These are the rivers that got really warm and needed the break the most.

Withing a few days the waters should be in a good range for both Insects and Trout.

The other rivers, West Branch, East Branch and Main Stem remain great from the releases. The East has a normal release for the season. It is cold with low flow. Insect action is normal for autumn and the Trout are very active but difficult to approach.

The West Branch has had some heavy releases for a week now. The West and Main Stem have perfect temperatures for active Trout. The waters from the Cannonsville Release are turbid which is usually the normal situation in fall. The top of the rivers is heavily turbid and the level of color decreases as you go downstream. With the 1000 cfs.+ release the turbidity extends well into the Main Stem. There is algae and debris in the drift in the Upper West, The lower West and Main Stem are free of debris.

The insects are unchanged. Isonychia, BWO'S, Sulfur, White Fly, Cahills, October Caddis, Brown Caddis, Midges and Terrestrials are on the water at times.

The nymph action is very hot again.

All of my recent trips are back to non stop action sub-surface. More than a dozen hookups of hot wild rainbows has been normal recently. Yesterday we had really hot action and by half way through the float we lost track of the number of fish hooked up. The fish have been alternating between big and small. Isonychia nymphs have been hot some days. I had one trip recently where every fish took a #10 Iso nympph pattern. The last 2 days the Iso's have been ignored but a #18 nymph that is similar to the tiny Ovive nymphs has been getting attacked.

We have some openings available if you want to get out. We are about to enter some of the best action of the year. The incredible fall dry fly action is still ahead of us.

Give us a call today 607-290-4022

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