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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill RIvers

Hungry Trout Everywhere!

Last week every Baxter House float trip was very good. The Trout are making up for the less than perfect conditions of summer.

Every local river has great conditions and the Trout are feeding throughout the day. The insects hatches are pretty steady and most days there is a buffet of different insects on the water.

For the next few weeks fishing the water with a big Isonychia pattern will keep your rod bent.

Overall our guides are sticking with the simple strategy of fishing the Dry Fly when the trout are rising. We focus the rest of the time to nymphing the likely holding areas. Many times we will quickly run the ISO rig over an area before we nymphit just to check on the Trout's mood.

Right now there is killer action throughout the day on the Freestones. Nymphs are the way to go unless there are visible risers. The Main Delaware, Beaverkill, Willowemoc and Lower East are where the most riffles and pocket water are. All are fishing well. Currently our guides are finding the most fish right up under the nasty water. The heads of the pools and right where the riffles drop are the key spots. The more white frothy water overhead the better. This will continue until cooler weather and the transition to only Blue Wing Olives pushes the trout down into the slower water.

There are some flying ants around the system. It is hit or miss if you will see any but it's smart to have some in your fly box. Big Isonychia, Cahills, Yellow Drakes, White Flies, Caddisflies and big Spinners are taking fish regularly in the moving water. The slower pools are where the tough fish hang and these fish will require something small. Trico's. Olives, Midges and tiny spinners are what 's working. In my previous report I went deep into how our guides rig their rods for this time of year.

We have some openings if you want to get out for a float or wade trip. The next month will offer some of the best action of the year especially for Big Wild Rainbows.

Call us at 607-290-4022 for scheduling.

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