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Night Fishing on the Upper Delaware River

Night Fishing on the Upper Delaware River

Over the past few weeks the days have been long and hot with less bug activity than the spring hatches. The trout are tough to catch during the day even for an experienced angler, however don’t let that stop your pursuit of big trout.

Night fishing is not for everyone. It’s dark and dangerous. Don’t go alone and only fish water that you know.

Mice and frog imitations work well at night. Cast directly across a slow pool and slowly….SLOWLY inch your mouse or frog across the top of the surface. Stay tight with the line and strip set on any blow up you hear. You can’t see so it’s all ears and feel.

Here is one of my secret night time creations.

It is a simple frog pattern that floats when not stripped and when stripped dives down like

a real frog. It’s tied with EP Fibers and sticks to the teeth of a hungry trout.

Here are some recent fish that enjoyed the frog pattern very well.

If you would like to try a Night Hunt for trophy Brown Trout give us a call to discuss the options at 607-290-4022

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