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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


Another Beast from the East!

The big bug action continues around the system. Green and Brown Drakes and their respective spinners are the Main Attraction!

Last night the Drake emergence continued to slow as the main hatching period is now past it's prime. The Coffinfly and Brown Drake Spinner action was simply amazing with the water totally covering over with these insects just before dark. Surface feeding during the spinner fall was intense and fish fed well into darkness in every pool I rowed through.

ON the tailwaters there is now decent afternoon activity. Both the East and West Branches have larger Sulfurs emerging during the mid afternoon. On recent floats the best time for action has been around 3:00 to 4:30 pm. There is sporadic rising about and hour before and for some time after this prime period. The insects are mixed with sulfurs being the main hatch but there has been a mix of Drakes, March Browns, Vitreus Sulfurs, Cornuta Olives and smaller Olives. Together these insects are enough to keep the trout interested.

With the falling water nymphing has become much more productive. On all of my recent floats I have been hitting certain areas with nymph rigs. Right now I have been fishing the Tailwaters so my rigging has been a bit different than what we normally run on the Main Stem and Lower East. I have one rod rigged with a heavy 3 fly rig and indicator for the deep cuts and heads of the deep pools. I also have another rod rigged with an alternate nymph rig. This consists of 2 tiny nymphs. #16 and #18 both imitating the abundant smaller Sulfur and Olive nymphs that are always active. This is rigged on a traditional trout leader (light tippet) with a tiny strike indicator just about 12" above the flies. This rig is fished exactly like a dry fly both in shallow riffles and the flat still pools. IN both the East and West branches this setup is very effective during the non hatch and deadly at the beginning of an active hatch.

Today we are expecting a break from the last few days of intense sun and near 90 degree temperatures. We are forecast to return to mid 70's with thunderstorms possible most afternoons. This should make for some pleasant fishing conditions in the coming days.

We have some openings for float trips this week if you want to get out on the water and dry fly fish some big bugs!

We are also now booking dates for the remainder of June and through the Summer Months. Trout, Smallmouth Bass with Half and full day trips available. call us today 607-290-4022

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