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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


This past week was a whirlwind at Baxter House. Every year this week is our most booked and requested time as everyone wants to get their crack at the largest insects of the year. We had an incredible number of fly fishermen out this week which included old friends and some new faces that were just getting started with the fly rod. Overall the river conditions, insects and Trout gave us full cooperation for a change. This post will be photo heavy as I want to make sure that a good number of you get to see your photos. You can also email or text your guides to have photos sent to you.

With the current high water our guests have been treated to some fairly easy dry fly action on the Delaware. The giant insects and the heavy feeding have made some incredible memories this week and the action should continue.

At this time the Beaverkill, WIllowemoc, Upper and Lower East Branch are all in great shape. They are at slows where wading is possible in all of the places where the insects are active. The West and Main Stem remain high and challenging for wade access. These rivers should continue to fall in flow unless rainfall occurs. There is a chance of rain tomorrow but the forecast is basically a guess at this time. In the event that heavy T-Storms hit the region again the East and West Branches could rise up quickly again. I will keep you all posted if conditions change.

The big bugs are still around! Green and Brown Drakes are emerging along with a bunch of other insects. Coffinflies have been on the water most every night in recent days.

Sulfurs are the Main Staple and anglers should have some sulfur patterns including the appropriate size nymphs and spinners for this hatch. This has been the reliable hatch over the widest area of the system. Isonychia and March Browns are also appearing in places and causing good rising whenever they are present. Cornuta Olives are now popping in places. This is a morning hatch and often March Brown, Brown Drake and Coffinfly Spinners are on the water with them. On occasion during hot spells I have also seen Drakes emerging early in the day.

Staying late at this time is a given. The incredible action at and after dark is a once per year event. Over the last several nights I have still had my guests fishing well after 10:00 pm. Even in the dark it has been pretty easy to target rising fish.

I expect for the large insect to last through this week. Anglers should remember that when this action ends the trout will go through a period of denial. They don't want the big bugs to vanish so they will continue to hit a big coffin fly for some time. I can normally get solid takes with the big spinner for about 2 weeks after they have vanished. This is a good tactic for those who struggle to see in dim light.

We have some openings with our guide staff this week if you want to get out for a full day float. We are also now taking bookings for the remainder of June and for our evening float trips. This season we are continuing our very popular Evening Hatch Float. This float puts you on the water at the exact time for Dry Fly fishing. Currently these trips are from 4:30 pm through dark. At this time we are also offering half day trips starting at 7:00 am. These are for targeting the Cornuta hatch and always offer action with spinners as well. Recently there have been Brown Drake and Coffinflies on the water early.

Several of our guides are also planning to continue offering late night trips specifically for hunting big browns with Mice and other Surface Patterns. These trips are available now through summer.

We are also taking bookings for Summer Smallmouth Bass fishing on the Delaware River and some additional locations. These trips are great for kids and the catch rate is always high. These trips are half or full day.

Give us a call today to discuss your next Upper Delaware adventure. 607-290-4022

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