Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


Yesterday brought us another good day of fishing for all of our Baxter House guests. Our guides were spread out around the region and all brought their people back with good reports and some awesome photos.

There was once again a good steady pick of rising fish throughout the day. There is just enough insect activity to keep the trout looking up. The daytime action is a combination of a lot of bugs. There is always something in the drift so you just have to look for the heads coming up. March Browns, Sulfurs, X-Hendricksons, Several Caddisfly Species and spinners are on the water. Last night the Sulfur hatch we simply amazing on the stretch that I floated. The water was totally covered with millions of the smaller sulfurs and every creature in the river was up and eating heavily. I will however say that this was late day action. The sulfurs just appeared in the matter of minutes and it was right at dark. Most all of the angler that I had seen during the day had already left the water when it lit up.

During the brief amount of time where we could see my guests added several more fish to an already great day of catching. It is also worth mentioning that the sheer amount of insects gave the Trout a severe case of tunnel vision. They were gorging so heavily that we were able to easily fool fish that had been super difficult in the thinner hatches. We were able to finally take a big Bow from a certain spot that had to date been untouchable.