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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

As I expected yesterday was a bug filled day. The mornings bright sunshine warmed the region and brought all of the waiting Blue Quill and Hendrickson spinners back to the water for an incredible spinner flight that lasted from about mid day until dark. The numbers of insects in the air and on the water was an incredible spectacle to witness. The bugs combined with the trout gorging made yesterday one of the best I've seen on the stretch of river I fished.

I had my buddy Rick out for his first trips of the year and he nailed the right day. We had 20+ fish of various sizes, all brown trout. All of our other guests who were on the same water had similar results.

This hot action is sure to consider but I would guess that the last 48 hours were the PEAK of the Hendrickson activity for this season. Over the next week or so this hatch should begin to wane and be replaced by sulfurs and march browns. On yesterday's float we again saw a few March Browns and Sulfurs but no real numbers on the tailwater sections.

The Freestones, Lower East, Beaverkill, and Main Stem are well ahead of the tailwaters which is normal. On these waters March Browns and Caddisflies are the Staple while some sulfurs are beginning to show. AS these water drop into lower flow ranges we can expect the nymph fishing to get real good real fast. ON these waters the best action remains in the slower pools and in the riffles which are 12" to 18" deep with medium flows.

At this time blind fishing a big March Brown can be productive. A Big March Brown Dry with a MB Nymph Trailing is also another great approach for searching the water.

For those who are planning to fish in the coming days can expect to see improving conditions daily. We have our first forecast for good weather on a weekend and the water levels should be in a perfect stage.

If you are planning to fish in the coming days make sure you stop by the shop. Our guides are around every morning to help you with fly selections and talk about river locations.

If you want to get out for a trip give us a call today 607-290-4022

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