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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


The action right now is very good in most places. Anglers can now expect to find action with Dry Flies, Nymphs and Streamers. I have always been a big streamer fishermen and I tend to lean towards this method during the non hatch periods early in the season. Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of anglers out with me who share the same affliction. Below is the start of another day with Ken Taylor showing off some of his girls. We put a lot of them in for a swim on Friday.

Over the weekend the great fishing continued. Our guests are all commenting that they have never seen it this good. I have a slightly different opinion from where I sit in the rowers seat. It is always amazing when it rains and this year we have had gray skies and some form of rain almost every day. A good case in point happened this Saturday and Sunday. I had Dr. Bob out and we were fishing streamers in the steady rainfall on Saturday. In one particular pool we had fish attacking the streamer on almost every cast. At one point we took fish on 3 consecutive casts. In total we probably moved 20 fish in 200 yards. Yesterday the sun came out for about 15 minutes and it was exactly when we were floating through the same pool. Not one follow and it seemed like a lifeless environment. I write this to illustrate just how much better the action is when rain is falling.

Some photos from the current overcast weather. Guide Matt with a Beast and Dr. Bob with a Super Fat Hendo Eater.

So we are mixing it up with the streamers and dry flies but most days you don't have to. The Dry Fly is steady and reliable and most days from 3:00 until dark the trout are feeding heavily. There are some funnel points in the river that are so full of fish that it has been crazy.

Hendrickson Duns and Spinners are on the menu on the tailwaters while March Browns and Caddisflies are happening on the freestones. Sulfurs should also join the mix any day now.

Comparaduns, Knock Down Duns, Hackle Cripples and Hackle Spinners are what we are using. Each has it's time and place. We match the styles mostly to the speed of the water and the anglers casting ability. These patterns are really getting it done.

In the streamer category, food sized offerings are still the best bet. 3" to 4" offerings will out fish the larger sizes by a large margin at this time. Urchin Buggers, EP Style Baitfish, Buggers, Clousers, Zonkers and Sliders are getting it done. Mixed colors have had a slight advantage.

Very short, super sharp strips that create the most chaos as possible are getting the strikes. The goal is to make the streamer make as much movement as possible without going anywhere. As far as location goes. The fish are totally spread out due to the heavy influx of mayflies. We are getting streamer strike in every water type at this time.

In the coming days we are expecting to see the Sun. This has not happened too often in 2017 so you might want to take advantage of it. When it finally happens some crazy spinner activity is sure to happen.

We are taking bookings daily. If you want to get in on the hot action call us today. 607-348-7497

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