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Fly Fishing Report for Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers


This weekend will be the first this season where visiting anglers will find the majority of the Trout in the Upper Delaware to be active and moving about. The water temperatures have been steadily creeping up. The fish this week have been far more active and late day they have even shown a little aggression.

Every river remains a little on the high side but there is plenty of opportunity for both waders and drift boat anglers. The current flows are as follows Beaverkill 581cfs, Upper East 686 cfs, Lower East 1350 cfs, West Branch 1770 cfs, Min Delaware 4040cfs.

The dry fly action is still very dependent on where you are. The Beaverkill, Willowemoc and West Branch are your best choices. The Main Stem has good action but remains a little high for wade anglers. The East Branch is still cold and not as far along as the other rivers.

The best action with rising fish is in the afternoon. We have taken some of our best fish closer to dark recently. The MAIN insects are Hendricksons, Quill Gordons and Apple Caddis. There are also a variety of other insects on the water at times. Last night while driving home from my float trip we were driving through huge flights of Caddisflies. It was like a snowstorm along the entire length of the Beaverkill.

This week we have been fishing a mix of Nymphs, Dry Flies and Streamers. Our guests are still taking some big fish on streamer flies but it is getting tougher with the dropping flows and gin clear water. It may be best for anglers to try nymphing the non hatch periods and keeping their streamer throwing to early and late in the day.

This weekend all of our guides are booked solid. We have some openings for rooms if you need a place to stay over. Next week we have some openings for guided float trips. 607-290-4022

If you are getting out to fish make sure you stop by for some flies. We are fully stocked with the areas best custom fly patterns specifically developed for the Upper Delaware River.

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