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Fly Fishing Report for the Upper Delaware and Catskill Rivers

The fishing continues to improve across the region on a daily basis. The main issue that is keeping the action from being great is simply cold, high water.

The insect hatches are getting reliable and there were plenty of spinners in the air yesterday. As soon as the water flows drop a bit more dry fly action will develop it's normal consistency.

At this time anglers have some options in the region. Right now The Breaverkill and WIllowemoc are at the top. These freestones have the warmest water. Both have a lot of active fish and the hatches are underway. At this time anglers can expect to take fish on dries, nymphs, and streamers. There are lots of caddisflies and mayflies on the water. Over the last few days our guides that have been walk wading here have been doing well swinging small streamers and on dry flies. Right now Hendricksons and Quill Gordons are on the water.

The East and West branches have been seeing all of the drift boat activity. The East has recently had a role reversal with the West Branch. There have been a lot of boats here, both on the Upper and lower river.

With the very cold water (between 38 and 45 degrees) on the tailwaters, the trout are still half asleep. When the waters warm a bit it will be game on with surface fishing. With that said the best action has been late in the day once the fish warm up. The problem is that formula does not coincide with the mid afternoon emergence of the current insects. Yesterday the fish were chasing streamers better late day and we put a couple of 20" fish in the net.

To be successful on the surface you will still need to target the slowest water. Most of the fish are in very shallow water in the tailouts of the pools. The water is so crystal clear that we have been able to see the fish as we float by. Right now it's deep pools and tailouts for the majority of the fish.

On all of our recent trips we have been putting together some action by constantly changing between streamer, nymph and dry fly rods. The key right now is a patience and persistence. You can also put the odds a bit in your favor by being in the correct pace during hatch time.

Give us a call today if you would like to fish with us this spring. 607-290-4022

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