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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

This weekend saw an interesting mix of weather conditions on the upper Delaware. Saturday was a tough day, it was windy, cold and winter like. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, with sun, warm weather and light winds which made for a great day on the water.

This time of year sun and overnight lows are very connected to water temperatures and trout activity. Although, Sunday seemed to provide ideal conditions for great early season dry fly activity, Saturday night's cold temperatures (below freezing) prevented the river from really coming to life.

Over the weekend steady rising fish were found, but the activity was brief. Both days saw decent bug activity that was mostly ignored by the fish. This was because of cold water temps and wind. The cold water makes the fish lethargic, they really don't have to eat much when the water is under 45°. It is still early season here.

There is good news! The system is ready to pop. We are seeing more bugs every day. I would expect to see solid dry fly activity as soon as weather conditions stay sunny for a few days.

The best dry fly activity this time of year will be found in slow water that concentrates bugs and makes for super efficient feeding.

Good luck.

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