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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

The overall fly fishing is improving daily in the Upper Delaware. There are insects on the water and the trout are rising at times. Anglers can also find the Trout willing to take streamer flies and nymphs if you target the right water.

If I were to put a grade on the system at this time I would rate the fishing as decent but there are times where it is good. The water s are still a bit on the cold side due to the overnights being at or near freezing. The Trout are not fully awake yet and in most river sections they have not yet spread out. They are still on the drop offs, in the deep cuts and on the bottom of the larger pools. Spreading out and steadily feeding is a gradual process that is ongoing.

The insects are still Stoneflies, Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and Caddisflies. There have been lots of caddisflies the last 2 days.

The Best action right now is in the Beaverkill and West Branch with the other areas lagging a bit behind in activity. There is good caddisfly and Stonefly activity on the Beaverkil and the Trout have been chasing them. The West has had some steady activity wwith Blue Quills, Gordons / Hendrickson and Caddisflies on the water.

There is good access to all area rivers at this time. The only place where the water is still high is the Main Stem. Anglers should be careful and wade within their abilities.

We have a few openings for Float Trips in the coming days. Give us a call to plan your next fishing trip at 607-290-4022.

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