Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Lots of changes in the Upper Delaware to start the new week. First the most noticeable. Both the East and West Branches have greatly reduced flows from last week. The bottom releases have been cut back and the spillover is very light. Both should continue to drop throughout the day today. All area waters remain cold at this time.As we reported a few days ago the dry fly action is picking up. Blue Quills and Quill Gordons are on the water along with stoneflies and caddisflies. The sustained surface activity that I have seen has been associated with the Blue Quill and Quill Gordon activity. At this time our guide staff has seen these insects and observed varying levels of feeding on all area rivers except the Beamoc Waters.ith the Lower flows anglers have more options. Right now our guides are fishing Dry, Nymphs and Streamers. Over the weekend our guests have had success on all of these methods.