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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This will be the first weekend where we expect visiting anglers to have good enough conditions to really get down to some fishing. All of our local river have now dropped back to good levels for fishing except the Main Stem.

The Beaverkill and WIllowemoc are now in good shape for anglers. They are both now at flows where the Trout can move about and feed pretty efficiently. Yesterday some nice fish were taken out of both rivers.

The East and West Branches are also down to a range where both drift boaters and wade anglers will have good access. Both reservoirs continue to spill over at this time.

Most of the action will still come on streamer flies but the reduced flows should allow fish to surface feed whenever insects accumulate on the water. Thus far we have not seen more than some isolated rises but that should change any day now especially in the more protected waters.

Stoneflies, Small Caddisflies, Blue Quills and Quill Gordons are what you may encounter. If you are looking specifically for risers pick the warmer times of the mid to late afternoon and only search the eddies, coves and tail outs of the slowest and deepest pools. These are the first places that our trout rise every year.

For the streamer bite it is still best to choose flies that are on the larger side. 4" to 6" is what our guides have been using and the results are in our photos on Facebook.

The Best colors have been Black, Olive and Grey. We have many custom patterns that two tone these colors with either white, yellow or tan. All of these have been producing. The best technique remains slow and deep with very sharp strips to the fly.

We have an opening tomorrow for a float trips and a few openings spread around next weeks schedule. Give us a call today to get in on the action! 607-290-4022

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