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High Water and Possible Alewives

Matt Hackett

Baxter House Outfitters

April 6, 2017 - 12:05pm

We have an unconfirmed report of Alewives in the West Branch yesterday, April 5. So we loaded up the boat and set out. The Cannonsville Reservoir was at 100.9 which gave the possibility that the report was correct.

We floated the upper section of the river and moved a few fish. The water clarity was 3-4 feet with a tint of green and not to much debris in the water. We moved several fish and put the time in. Needless to say we didn't see any alewives. We are not saying saying that others were wrong we are just giving an accurate first hand account of what we saw.

Historically when the reservoirs spill there will be alewives that take the tumble. Over the next few days we will keep up the first hand accurate reports you deserve and rely on the Baxter House to supply. We do expect in the coming days to see them in the river based off of the past experiences and many years of being on the water. Next weeks weather looks great and the streamer game is about to go off! Book now because prime dates are filling up quickly.

Here is a current look at the lake levels.

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