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Winding Down in South Tampa Bay

Yesterday I completed my last Trip on Tampa Bay for the season. I just finished scrubbing and servicing my boat, she's ready for storage.

Tomorrow I will head north to start my spring season guiding for Trout on the Upper Delaware River.

Overall this was a great winter in the area where I guide. Cold weather never really got a grip on the area and water temperatures stayed above average. This allowed me to offer my guests a wide variety of fishing opportunities on the Fly and on light tackle. During this winter I was on the water over a hundred days with clients, family and friends. I have put together a quick group of photos from this season which showcase the beautiful ecosystem in lower Tampa Bay.

We are now taking advance reservations for Flats and Back Country fishing for next winter. We plan on offering trips from November 1, 2017 through April 15, 2018

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