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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

All Upper Delaware rivers remain high and cold. The snow melt has major influence over temperature right now. The snow melt is also causing varying turbidity throughout the system.

Over the last few days our guides have been floating the rivers. There is no major bite yet but they are picking away at some nice Browns.

Over the weekend Guides - Chris, Zach and Matt all got their boats in the water. All put fish in the boat on Streamers!

Most of the action has come on medium to large sized articulated streamer or string flies. Almost all of our guides patterns are custom patterns. We currently have quite a few of these patterns in stock.

At this time the best fishing is by drift boat but wade anglers are having some success. The drift boat can cover far more water in a day and the key to success at this this time is showing your bait to as many fish as possible.

Right now you should focus all of your attention to the dead spots in the river. Examples are drop offs, boulders, sweeper trees, logs, etc. The natural meander of the river also creates some big slow spots especially at bends. Another thing to consider at this time is the fact that the rivers were very low during the winter months. Just because they are bank full now does not mean that the fish have spread out. At this time the fish are only in the areas that were deep and protected at low water. To be really successful in the early season you need to picture the river at low water.

During the initial days of the season the Trout will occupy the smallest percentage of water that they will be in for the entire season

As far as tackle and rigging goes. Now is the time for the eight weights. Choose heavily weighted streamers and then add some more weight. Streamers need to be worked slow with lots of pauses. You will get more strikes early season with a fly that is tumbling with the current that with an aggressive strip.

If you want to get out for a streamer fishing float trip now is the time to call us. Our guides love to hunt trophy trout with streamer flies.

Give us a call today or stop by the fly shop - 607-290-4022 -

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