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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This weekend anglers will find most of the Upper Delaware River System to have very low water conditions. The lack of rain and big cut back on the releases from Cannonsvile Reservoir have us scrambling for moving water. We are hoping that at some point today the release will be increased. Based on the this mornings flow rate of 1800 cfs. at montague NJ. An increase will be needed in the near future.

Despite the low water the insect life has been good with lots of different insects on the water and in the air. The best action is in the afternoon Blind fishing Isonychia patterns is still productive but when the trout have been steadily rising Blue WIng Olives have been the fly that has been getting it done. I always go to the CDC knock down dun on the flat pools and this has been paying off for our guests. We are fully stocked with CDC Olives and Olive Cripple patterns so stop by the shop. There are also lots of Caddisflies, Hebe's, Sulfurs and midges at times. Around 5:00pm the entire river has been bug soup lately.

Below the surface Caddis pupas have been the ticket. There are lots of caddisflies about and by our results it is clear the trout have been feeding sub surface on this species. Our best patterns have been Ice pupas in light olive and in cream colors. We have both of these in stock.

We have a few spots available for floating the Main Delaware next week Give us a call today to plan a trip. 607-290-4022

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