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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


I just got back from my Tennessee tailwater trip and was right back out on the Delaware yesterday. Below is a quick update on what's been happening. I will also be putting up a report on our road trip in the coming days for those of you who might be interested in joining us in 2017.

Over the last week rainfall and cooler weather have continued to improve the Trout fishing on all Upper Delaware rivers.

RIght now there is an excellent Streamer bite on the West Branch. The turbidity on this river is just about right. The trout are willing to chase streamers about any time of day. The fish are also much easier to approach with the dry fly in the off colored water. Below are a pair of Browns from yesterday. The action was very good.

Currently our guides have been having the best action with our Articulated Sculpins, Circus Peanuts and our # 2 Woolly Buggers in Yellow and Black, Olive and Grizzly and Black

On the Main Stem Delaware, East Branch , Beaverkill and Willowemoc there is great action on Nymphs. There are also brief periods during the day where certain riffles blow up with dry fly activity for short periods. This action is not really predictable but being around the faster water will put the odds in your favor.

Isonychia, BWO'S, Cahills, Caddisflies and Terrestrials are your best options on the surface. Our guides most always start out with our Isonychia Cripple Patterns.

The Nymphing is excellent and persistent anglers can really run the numbers up at this time. The best action is with multiple nymph rigs and the fish are mostly keyed in on the smaller sized bugs. I have been fishing one larger bead head nymph to get the rig down followed by a # 16 and a #18. Pheasant Tails, and OUr custom patterns have been working well. Ice Pupas, BH Soft Hackles, Copper Juhn Soft Hackles, Sunken Emergers are my choices.

Below are a pair of Delaware Bows that came to net on nymph rigs.

Over the next 60 days the fishing in the Upper Delaware will be very good most every day. Now is the time to give us a call to plan your next trip. We have some openings for this weekend. Give us a call today 607-290-4022

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