Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


A Wild Rainbow from the Main Delaware taken yesterday

Over the last few days the Trout fishing has really turned around. Over the Holiday Weekend our guests got in on some incredible action. On several of our trips we really ran the numbers up. The best action is on nymphs. Our guests have been hooking up double digit numbers on every trip with our nymph rigs. There are also hatches in some places that are coming on strong. We had great insect activity this weekend with both Isonychia and White Flies. There are some areas where Isonychia have been emerging steadily throughout the afternoon hours. This activity is not consistent yet over a wide area of the river. It can be best described as pockets of activity. On Saturday we anchored in one riffle where the fish were blasting Iso's everywhere for about an hour before it died out. I have also been able to find similar action just about every night right before dark..

The big reason for the change is the increased releases and the cooler nights. These factors combined with the shortening days are a signal to the trout that they need to feed.

Yesterday the release from Cannonsville reservoir was increased to 1041 CFS. This is the second substantial release increase in the last week. This morning the release is at 1120 cfs. another increase.

These increases are releases to keep the Montague NJ gauge at the proper flow target of 1750 cfs..

As long as there is no substantial rainfall in the Delaware drainage or releases from Lake Walenpaupack we can expect to see the releases stay in effect. We can also expect to see the increases fluctuate to maintain the flow target downstream.