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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


Early this morning the release from Cannonsville reservoir was increased to 1041 CFS. This is the second substantial release increase this week.

These increases are releases to keep the Montague NJ gauge at the proper flow target of 1750 cfs..

AS long as there is no substantial rainfall in the Delaware drainage we can expect to see the releases stay in effect. We can also expect to see the increases fluctuate to maintain the flow target downstream.

At the current release we can expect to see conditions improve quickly on the Main Stem Delaware. The current flow should positively influence the river temperatures throughout the section of river where we normally fish for Trout.

I have been on the Main Stem recently and can report a nice increase in insect activity. This weekend the section I have floated have had good numbers of emerging Isonychia, White Fly, Olives,Trico's, Midges and Caddisflies. Some sections have been havin incredible white fly activity right at dark.

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