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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report


This coming weekend is looking like another perfect weather weekend. We are forecast for bright sun with daytime highs in the low 80's. This is about perfect for most river activities.

Fishermen should expect to find decent action with light angling pressure in most places. The only exception to this is for anglers specifically targeting trout on the West Branch of the Delaware. Fridays and Saturdays have been pretty busy here as this is the river with the best overall conditions for trout.

Below are a few photos of the eagles we see every day on the river

With that said the trout action remains pretty good. I have been on the West Branch most days. Recently we have been having action on Streamers, Nymphs and Dry Flies. Most of my half day floats have been yielding 4 or 5 nice trout. Blue WIng Olives, Sulfurs, Isonychia and Cahills are the mayflies you will encounter. There are also terrestrials about and the trout are now feeding opportunistically whenever food is present. Under the surface smaller streamer flies and very small nymphs will take some trout. I have had a few trips recently where we floated non hatch periods specifically to nymph fish. These trips have been very good.

We have also been hitting the Main Stem regularly for Smallmouth Bass.

Currently the water is really warm which is perfect for these game fish. Under the current conditions smallmouth are pretty much a guarantee. On most of our recent trips we have been running the numbers up. We have also been taking a walleye or two on most every float trip.

With spin equipment we have been using mostly soft baits. The bass cant resist twisters, paddletails and senko baits. Surface poppers have also been hot especially late in the day. With the fly rod we have pretty much been throwing poppers, mice and dahlberg divers exclusively.

We have plenty of openings to get out with our guides in the coming weeks. Give us a call today to plan your next Upper Delaware Adventure. 607-290-4022

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