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Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Over the last week the fishing has been very good for our guests.

Our bass trips have been producing non stop action. The Trout trips that went out this week were tougher fishing but we have been steadily taking nice trout.

First we'll talk about the Bass Fishing

Our guides have been hitting the water daily for Bass. This is family fun time and the action has been hot and steady. Every trip this week has been non stop action. Our guests have been taking smallies on both light spin tackle and on fly rods.

The best action is in the afternoons and towards dark. This is the time period where the fish have been super aggressive. Top water baits have been producing exciting strikes. Deeper baits have been taking the larger Smallies and some Walleyes.

The photos below are from Saturdays action in the Narrowsburg area of the Main Stem Delaware.

I have also been taking guests out for both full and half day floats on the West Branch for Trout. Sunday I had a very good trip. We fished a combination of Nymph rigs, Streamers, attractor Dry Flies and Blue WIng Olives. We had Trout come to net on all methods.

The nymphing has been steady on the section that I have been fishing. Yesterday we had a mix of fish including a pair of 18" rainbows from the same riffle. We also had a few browns and bows that were around 14" to 16".

Towards dark last night the Trout really turned on when Isonychia, Cahills and Sulfurs appeared on the water. We had a short period of time just before dark where the Trout were really attacking our Iso Cripple Patterns. In this short period of time we landed enough Trout to turn a good day into a great day.

This has been typical for most of my recent trips. At this time the difference between catching and not catching is what you are wiling to put into the day. Our guides have our guests targeting specific water and they are fishing it thoroughly. We are not sitting around but actively making things happen through persistence and a variety of techniques.

Over the next month we will have openings most every week for float trips with our guides. Summer is the best time for some family fishing on the Delaware. Now is also the best times to get out for some one on one fly fishing instruction with our guides.

Give us a call today at 607-290-4022

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