Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Over the last few days we have had some cooler weather in the Upper Delaware. This weather change also brought us a nice refresh of rain water. Over a few day period thunder storms were active all around the region. This week all of our rivers are flowing a bit higher than last week.

Currently visiting fishermen have a lot of options in the Upper Delaware. The East and West Branches are offering Reliable but challenging match the hatch dry fly fishing. Nymph fishing is also very good at this time.

The Lower Delaware and our ponds and Reservoirs are now in prime condition for Smallmouth Bass fishing. Our guides have been targeting these exciting game fish for a few weeks and the action improves every day. The remainder of July and August are prime time for Smallies.

We are in summer mode now so there will not be much change to the insects or the Trout activity. There are Tricos, Midges and mixed spinners on the water in the morning hours. Anglers will find some nice action if you locate areas where the Trico activity is heavy. These are insects that definitely have preferred water. In the Delaware areas with gentle riffles and pools with some aquatic vegetation are best. If you can find this type of water in an area with lots of grass along the banks you will have an even better scenario. These insects love to cling to the grass right along the banks. In the Delaware system I use #18 and #20 imitations for this hatch. If the fish are fussy Griffith Gnats, Ants and Floating Nymphs in the