Upper Delaware Fly Fishing Report

Happy Independence Day!

So far the Holiday weekend has brought our guests excellent fishing. Most major Holidays bring a big increase in visitors to the region but not fly fishermen. Over the last few days the rivers have been virtually empty of drift boats and anglers. Most all of the river traffic has been with canoes and kayaks and they have minimal impact on the Trouts daily routine.

Over the last 2 days our guests have had non stop action with both nymphs and dry flies.

The nymph action has been steady. Most every riffle is producing a fish or two. We have been getting a nice mix of Browns and Bows with most of the nymph fishing falling into the 12" to 15" size range. Below is one of many from my float yesterday.

The dry fly action has also been very good especially late day. There are a lot of Isonychia and Cahills about towards dark and the Trout are crushing the larger insects whenever they are available.